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Rap Hiphop Backing Track 001 Song Title "As the Dusk Settles" - Free to use on-line just, - with attribution just - That suggests it is possible to RAP over it, blend it, make the grade up - use it in a of your respective recordings or music preparations - Video introductions, Backing music. Really CAN MONETIZE YOUR VIDEOS Employing this TRACK - You can do whatever you need using this track insofar as it is on you tube!

rap backing music

Without apprehension of copyright Claim You CAN MONETIZE YOUR VIDEOS Employing this TRACK, No issue Provided that IT'S ON YOUTUBE ONLY!!! In addition, you property.

You're able to do anything you need that can be done using this type of track insofar because it is ascribed to "Eminence Free Samples" within your video depiction, having a link with the initial Video.